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Mold Comb Cylinder Candle

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This new Lyson honeycomb pillar candle mold creates a honeycomb pillar that adds elegance to any candle display.

Made out of silicone, these Lyson honeycomb pillar candle molds are softer than our polyurethane molds, allowing for easy candle removal and fine details. These molds have a unique cut down the side which makes wicking quick and easy and eliminates the need for a wicking needle.

Candle size: 6" tall, 2-1/4" across base

Recommended wick: 60 ply

Uses 11.5 oz. wax

Please Note: The silicone walls of this candle are somewhat thin. If you secure the mold with rubber bands it can warp the final candle. We recommend securing the mold with a stocking (cut pair of pantyhose) to create even tension on the mold to prevent warping.

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