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Bee Package Italian Mar 28th-29th 2024

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2024 Preorder for Hillsborough pickup Mar 28th-29th Thu-Fri

As with any agricultural product, delivery is weather dependent and may slip. Package bees are used to establish new colonies and replace winter losses. A 3 pound package contains about 12,000 bees. It is normal for package bees to contain a small amount of dead bees covering the bottom of the cage. This does not mean you have a loss. Our packages contain extra weight to compensate for loss in the transportation process. The bees come in a box with four wooden sides and screened material in the front and back. It is 8.5" high, 16" wide and 5.5" deep. An inverted can filled with sugar syrup placed inside the box provides feed for the bees during transit. The package contains a young marked queen that had started laying prior to being caged. The queen is kept in a small wooden cage with one screened side during transit. Your package must be picked up at our Hillsborough, NC store during business hours on the dates specified. We do NOT ship packages.

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