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Book World of Pollinators

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World of Pollinators: A Guide for Explorers of All Ages: Fun Projects, Over 600 Amazing Facts About Plants, Bees, Beetles, Birds, and Butterflies 

packed with tons of awesome information about nature, this amazing book teaches children the importance of the creatures that pollinate our world!

Engaging and fun, inside World of Pollinators kids will learn about important pollinating insects, their unique traits, and the impact they have in our environment, along with other valuable nature topics, from what pollen is and how it works to why some insects and birds are pollinators while some are not. Also included are easy outdoor DIY projects kids can create that will make a difference in your own ecosphere, illustrated guides showing different types of birds, insects, and furry animals that pollinate, flowering plants that attract pollinators, regional maps, and awesome fun facts!

This educational, hands-on, 144-page book provides fun and exciting outdoor projects for kids to get involved in nature while also protecting it.

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