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The Uncapper Machine Manual

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Simple and Fast Method For The Hobby/Sideline Beekeeper To Harvest Honey!

There is no heat, electricity or sharp edges. Wax waste is minimal, saving your bees the time it takes to rebuild the comb. It does not remove the cappings, rather it SLITS them open. The UNCAPPER body is made from high density polyethylene. The rollers are cut on a CNC lathe from a solid piece of 2&Prime aluminum bar stock. It is incredibly durable. The polyethylene body protects the rollers from damage even if dropped. If ever needed, replacing the O-rings (the only part that may break) is a simple task.

No need for a separate uncapping tank to hold frames that you’re uncapping while waiting for the extractor to “spin out.” With the Uncapper, the extractor is fully loaded with frames within minutes.  Pull the frame from the super, push/pull through the Uncapper then place in the extractor.

drain tank not included.

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