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Swarm Trooper

Product Code:22190
Dept:Hive Management
Type:Swarm Management


Honey bee swarm trap, catches honey bee swarms. Easily assembled, no tools required. Consists of extra strong “Con Pearl” box, weather resistant for years of use. Double deep size, 5 frame box, frame rests for any size (deep medium. etc.) standard Langstroth frames. Entrance hole that can be opened and closed to contain bees, two screened ventilation windows that are closed, can easily be opened for transporting the bees. Pre-punched feeder hole in top can be left in or removed for adding Swarm Trooper Feeder (order separately). Supplied straps that thread through bottom of box to secure unit together, and hanging in tree, securing to the ground with user supplied ropes. Frames easily removed for installation into permanent Langstroth hive.

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