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Feeder Pro Medium 3IN

Product Code:12100
Dept:Hive Management
Sub Type:Feeders


Medium Pro Division Board Feeder Holds 1 gallon (3.78 l) Ear measures 3" (7.62 cm) Fits with a ¾" (1.94 cm) gap using 8 new frames Stronger: The wood cap system and the inside wall supports add to the unparalleled structural integrity of the feeder. Revolutionary Cap & Ladder System: Sealed feeding tubes ensure the bees are confined to the feeding area so you will experience minimal drowning. Easy To Clean: This is the only feeder available where the entire cap and ladder system is easily removed for cleaning. No Burr Comb To Clean: Sealed feeding tubes prevent the bees from making burr comb in the feeder and keep the queen from laying brood inside. Textured Interior Wall: Textured interior walls for those who wish to use the feeder without the cap and ladder system. Exclusive Design: The wood cap and ladder system attaches securely to the feeder with our exclusive cap bands so there is no need to remove your feeders for the trip!

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