Brome Squirrel Buster Plus


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LIFETIME CARE: you only need to buy one of our products, and we will guarantee to service your feeder for free for the rest of your life! FREE CARDINAL RING to attract Northern Cardinals. TRULY SQUIRREL PROOF: the weight of an adult squirrel automatically closes the shroud denying access to seed. NEED FOR CLEARANCE: hang providing an 18-inch/47-cm CLEARANCE on all sides. CHEW PROOF: all feeder parts exposed to squirrels are made of a special chew-proof material RoxResin. NO TOOLS REQUIRED: our feeders are designed to be dismantled by hand into individual components without the use of tools. SEED VENTILATION SYSTEM: our patented Seed Ventilation System keeps the seed fresh longer attracting more wild birds. WEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: the patented adjustable spring mechanism allows you to control which size birds will feed on your Squirrel Buster. ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE: Seed Buster, Weather Guard, Pole Adaptor.


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